Vacation Cottage Rentals On Beautiful Chautauqua Lake 

Irwin Bay Cottages & Vacation Rentals is located on one of the finest spots on Chautauqua Lake located in the Southwestern corner of New York State, just one mile from the world-renowned Chautauqua Institution. We are in the heart of wine country and surrounded by so many ways to enjoy nature. Our property is comprised of 9 seasonal cottages and 2 year-round vacation homes. If you haven’t visited Irwin Bay Cottages & Vacation Rentals in a while, you’re in for a real treat. Protected by the bay, we are located toward the north end of Chautauqua Lake. We strive to keep the authentic nature of simpler times around the lake while embracing enough technology to allow you to stay connected if you must!   We invite you to browse our website for details of our much-loved vacation rentals.

5088 W. Lake Rd
PO Box 11
Mayville, NY 14757
Phone: (716) 753-7792

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